Volume 1 Chapter 3 (part 2/2)

The first to lose his mind was Dzhokhar. He was the silent type, he didn’t talk much and when he did, the words coming out from his mouth normally didn’t mean much. But, not a while ago he said he would defeat the servant himself, if Halriel could do it, he could do it too. Shouting for Lyra! He charged towards Skearon alone, holding his two-handed axe firmly, he struck Skearon’s throat with a mighty blow. Everyone was surprised of the aftermath, their eyes opened wide in panic. The axe Dzhokhar was holding torn into pieces. Before even a second passed, Skearon’s left arm took the shape of a spears bladed edge and pierced through Dzhokhar’s chest. Blood flowing like a river from Dzhokhar’s chest, he dropped the handle of his axe he was holding. As it dropped he mumbled. “I-I’m sorry.” And left out his last breath.

It was obvious, the moment Skearon turned the Elves into stone his sarcastic mood changed drastically. A dark aura came from his body, he simply turned into a different man. He took out his arm from Dzhokhar’s body, holding his heart which stopped beating in his very hand. He threw it right before Theodor. Theodor was more than angry, flames were lit in his eyes. He was going to seek vengeance, he was going to be the one, crushing Skearon. He dashed towards Skearon with immense speed. Even Skearon was surprised for a second. To protect himself, Skearon created barriers made of stone in front of him, all of them were penetrated by Theodor who then punched him in the face sending him flying to air, his face made of rock crumbled. Theodor jumped so high, it looked like he was flying. The two exchanged blows in air, striking one after another. The group couldn’t believe their eyes, even Matilda who experienced this once before, couldn’t get herself to believe it. Theodor got the upper hand, when he cut off Skearon’s right arm. Theodor continued slicing off Skearon, limb by limb, until Skearon head-butted him. Theodor plummeted on to the ground. He looked at Skearon, only to see his limbs growing back, or rather the pieces of rocks and pebbles on the ground joining his body. His eyes glowed green, as he finally turned into his Demon form. His face turned really ugly, the right part of his skull was bashed in. His whole body turned into stone with a greyish colour, except for his eyes, which glowed green. Spikes emerged from everywhere of his rock body and he grew larger. His arms became hammers, Theodor looked with awe, as if he had lost consciousness, he couldn’t move. But, it didn’t make any sense, he didn’t take a serious hit. It was fear that held him down. He could hardly breathe, is this the end? After all this way? He thought. Skearon approached Theodor with murderous intent, he raised his hammer arms to bash in Theodor’s head. Theodor closed his eyes. Hiero rushed in, hitting Skearon with all he had. But, it was ineffective. “Die insect.” As these words came out of Skearon’s mouth he hit Hiero’s stomach, throwing him to the ground, causing him to pass out. Thora and Halriel was still shocked from Dzhokhar’s death, they were trembling, shivering in fear. Matilda was nowhere in the scene, she had disappeared. Theodor looked around to see where she was, to at least take a glance at her before he dies. Defeat was inevitable.

“How pathetic! You admit defeat this easily? I shouldn’t have bothered with making an army at the first place.” Skearon said, as his right hand transformed into a sword. He pointed it towards Theodor’s neck. “Die.” He said, silently. Interrupted by a sudden kunai, which hit Skearon from his back. The kunai couldn’t pierce his hard shell and reflected from it.

“Now what?” He said with an annoyed face.

“You’ll have to get through me first, if you want to kill him.” She said running towards him with a dagger in her hand.

“Hmpf, gladly.” He replied with a smirk on his face.

His right hand was a sword and his left hand was a hammer. He struck with his left towards Matilda. She jumped over and kicked Skearon in the face. It had no effect either. He transformed his right hand into normal, grabbed her leg and threw her to the ground. Theodor’s eyes opened wide, when he saw Matilda standing up for him. He realized how foolish his action was, staying on the ground accepting defeat. He managed to stand up and he looked Skearon right in the eyes.

“The light always shines brighter in the midst of darkness!” A blinding light came from the top of the castle. All of the Elves returned to normal in an instant. They looked around with confusion. Shocked by this, Skearon and Theodor looked up. Only to see an old man, with shining blue eyes, and long white hair floating by the wind. He was tall and really muscular and was smiling wryly.

“C-Chief?” Theodor asked.

He raised his right hand in to the sky, a lightning struck his hand. When the lightning faded, a long sword appeared in his hand. It had a golden handle and shined brightly. Chief teleported behind Skearon kicking him away from Theodor.

“This is your fight Theodor, have faith in yourself and embrace your powers!” He said, lending him a hand.

“Thank you Chief.” He said, getting up. He turned around, walking towards Skearon. Chief smiled behind him, like he was proud of Theodor.

Theodor swirled his sword, The Demonslayer around his arm. Flames appearing around him, he dashed towards Skearon.

“You incur my wrath!” Skearon shouted, as his arms turned into swords made of rocks. Theodor struck from his right, Skearon blocked with his left sword and raised his right to stab him, but he was stopped by the flames covering Theodor’s arm. He took a step back. Just then Theodor kicked his stomach, flipped and landed another kick right in to Skearon’s face, pieces of rocks fell from his face. They continued. Both of their blows became stronger every passing second. Fuelled by anger and the will to survive. Theodor’s flames got hotter and darker, whereas Skearon’s armoured shell became harder. Theodor’s swords tip scraped off pieces of rocks from Skearon’s body. Theodor had become faster, in fact so fast that Skearon’s eyes couldn’t follow him anymore. Landing blows from everywhere, Theodor took a stance holding his sword with both of his hands, giving all his strength to stab Skearon in the chest. His sword moved faster than the speed of sound, creating an incredible force that crushed the very ground beneath them. Skearon turned his right arm into a shield as a last act of defence. But, the shield was pierced along with his rock hard shell. Black flames emerged from the sword. Theodor’s eyes turned black.

“I-it can’t be.” He coughed blood. “Not only my shield, b-but my shell too?” He said as he fell on his knees, his arms turned back into normal as well as his body, blood flowing from his chest and mouth. He turned back into the Elf he was, once before. Theodor took out his sword from his body as Skearon fell. Theodor started shaking and he dropped his sword. He leaned backwards closing his eyes. He fell into the arms of Chief, who was standing behind him. He smiled. “Good job kid.”  Everyone looked at Chief with cheerful eyes. Halriel ran towards him. “Chief? H-how did you?”

“I’ll explain everything later, take everyone injured inside. Then meet me in the recovery room, take the rest of the group as well.” He said as he walked forwards, inside the castle holding Theodor in his arms.

Halriel reached to his shoulder. “You need to help Dzhokhar!”

Chief looked to the ground sadly. “I am afraid, there is nothing I can do.” He entered the castle.

The Elves were helping out their comrades who were injured in the background. Hiero was sitting before Dzhokhar’s lifeless body, lying on the ground, tears flowing from his eyes like a river, sobbing in despair. Thora approached Halriel who was looking at Hiero and Dzhokhar.

“We did what we could.”

“I know, but we couldn’t save him. He did it because of me.”

“It’s not your fault.”

Halriel answered as if he wasn’t listening to what Thora said. “He was competing with me, I should have said something to him. I should have helped him, but I stood where I was. I couldn’t even get myself to move. I am Pathetic!”

Thora hugged him. “No you aren’t, there was nothing we could do at all.” She said, tears rolling down from her eyes. He closed his eyes, hugged her back and let the tears in his eyes run wild. They did defeat another servant, but they lost their comrade along the journey.


A few hours had past, the group met in the recovery room as the Chief requested. The room was small, there was only one bed in which Theodor was lying. The group and Chief were standing, sorrow covered all of their faces. “I asked for all of you to come here to enlighten you. As all of you had noticed the power inside Theodor.”

“Chief do you know anything about my powers?” Theodor interrupted.

“Yes, indeed. You and Halriel are the sons of Théoden, The Devil King.”

The whole group gasped with shock. “Oi, whadda ya mean by that!?” Halriel yelled, as he took a step forwards.

“You two are indeed his sons. Great power lies dormant inside Theodor, a power that one day will release.” He said as he looked towards Theodor. “You are the only one who can defeat him Theodor, and I will train you from now on, to awaken the powers inside you.”

“Well, what about me!?” Halriel asked.

“Your powers may never even be unleashed, I am sorry but I don’t sense the unusual strength I sense from Theodor.”

“B-but, how is that even possible?” Thora asked, still shivering from what she heard.

Chief took a long sigh. “Five hundred years ago, when Théoden made his first appearance in Tiliora, I was assigned to kill him. He released thousands of Demons from the underworld to roam freely in Tiliora. At those times every race were living with each other peacefully under one, big kingdom. The army and I, The Paladin, annihilated his army with ease. The strategy of the Elves, the power of the Demi-humans, the excellent craftsmanship and bravery of Dwarves and the sheer number of humans in the army. It was impossible to break our defences. It didn’t take long for him to understand this, so, he made a cunning strategy. Infiltrating the kingdom by himself undercover, he took in the forms of the king, the army general and such. He deceived every race with ease. Protests and coups never stopped in the streets, races attacking each other. It wasn’t long before every race went their own separate ways.”

“Just one man, what is it that he desires!? Why is he doing all this!?” Hiero burst in anger.

“He is no mere man, but a monster.” Theodor replied.

“He could’ve kept going, if he were to release the Demons in the Underworld unshackled like before, attacking each race separately. Victory would be his. But, he fell in love with the Demi-human queen. Rumour says she was the most beautiful woman ever to live. Not many people had seen the queen. Anyways, he kidnapped the queen and forfeited back to the Underworld. She gave birth to nine Demons. But those Demons are no mere Demons all of them represent a sin.”

“A sin?” Matilda asked, tilting her head in confusion.

“Yes. Gluttony, Pride, Lust, Greed, Sloth, Envy and Wrath. The first one you killed being Gluttony and Skearon, Wrath.”

“That’s seven.” Matilda said.

“Indeed. The other two Demons were hope and trust.”

“Hope and trust? But those aren’t sins.” Theodor interrupted.

“No they are not. The queen transported all of her powers into these two Demons, which resulted in her death afterwards. She put all of her trust and hope into these two baby Demons, that one day she believed would defeat The Devil King. Those two Demons are you, Theodor, you being hope and Halriel, you being trust.”

“B-but, that doesn’t make any sense! We were born twenty one years ago and we both lived in the orphanage.” Halriel said with his eyes open wide, hugging his head.

“I was the one who put you two in the orphanage.”

“How?” Theodor asked, as he sat up.

“I betrayed, my own.” A dark silence covered the whole room, everyone’s face was covered in shock. Trembling in fear.

“Betrayed?” Lyra asked silently.

“Yes, scared of death and defeat. I joined his army.” Chief said looking at the ground sadly. “I was young and never saw defeat, I was always the strongest, the best. In magic, in strategy, in terms of strength, everything! I was one of the few humans gifted with magic upon birth. The only magic user, capable of using the element of light.”

“The element of light? I thought there were only four elements, fire, water, earth and air.” Matilda asked.

“Those four are the most known basic elements. There is the elements of light and darkness, as well as the inbetween of the four elements such as ice. The combination of elements are infinite.”

“What happened after you joined him?” Theodor asked.

“I served him for years, going through torture beyond anyone’s mind can comprehend. But, in the end he made me stronger, I had achieved what I wanted. I felt as I was the strongest and I challenged him, only to get my ass kicked.” He chuckled. “I realized how strong he was and how much he was holding back. I realized I made a mistake and thought on how I could escape, I could at least give information and help to make the relations of the races better. But, there was no escape. Until, I met the queen. She told me about her plan, how she was going to transport her powers to you. She said she would spare some of her power and along with my power we could open a portal, a portal to the future.”

“A portal to the future!?” Halriel asked in shock.

“Indeed, I teleported to Elexus, exactly twenty one years ago. But, I had to sacrifice ninety percent of my powers.”

“So those two are servants too, huh?” Hiero said as he took out his spear.

“Oi! Whadda ya mean by that? We ain’t no fucking servants!”

The words Halriel said went from Hiero’s one ear and went out from the other. “It is because of you that, he is dead. That we are suffering. Yes, that’s why.” He said, smiling creepily.

“That’s enough.” Chief said, suddenly appearing before Hiero. His eyes glowing white, and white sparks coming out from his body. The creepy smile on his face turned upside down as he fell onto his knees. “I’m sorry, it’s just that I miss my best friend.”

“Speaking of, we’ll be late for the ceremony if we chit chat anymore. I have explained everything, I believe, and now that your quest is finished I’ll escort you all to the academy safely tomorrow morning.”

“Chief.” Theodor said as Chief stepped out of the room. He looked at Theodor. “What is it?”

“How do you know our quest? It wasn’t to be revealed to anyone.”

He chuckled. “You got me there. I was always spying on you Theodor, just in case. Even when he came into your room, I knew. That dark aura, it brings back bad memories.” He said leaving the room.

“When he came into your room? Who did?” Halriel asked.

“The Devil King.” Theodor answered with a sigh.

“Was he the reason you went into a coma?” Lyra asked.

Theodor knew the real reason he went into a coma was Nexus, but he didn’t want his friends to know Nexus was a servant, so he simply lied.

“Yes, he came into my room and poisoned me.”

Aside from Theodor only Matilda knew the truth, but they both agreed not to tell the truth about Nexus so she wasn’t shocked.

“Is everything Chief said true, brother? You were stronger than me the whole time!?” Halriel asked Theodor, his eyes wide open and full of agony.

“I’m not sure, but I think it is. There is no other explanation to what had happened to me for the last few weeks. I didn’t even found about my powers until about a few weeks ago.”

“You shouldn’t cry over spilt milk, we can’t change the past Hal.” Matilda said.

“Whadda ya know, eh!? Suddenly learning that ye are the son of the most evil piece o’ shit in the world!? That ye aren’t a human, but a half Demon cunt!?”

“Half Demon cunt, huh? Well trust me I know much better than you!”

Theodor’s eyes opened wide. “Are you sure-“

“There is no more point in hiding the fact that I’m a Demi-human now. Is there?” She said looking to the floor.

“T-that’s enough everyone.” Lyra interrupted, trembling. “We are going to be late. We should pray and say farewell to our comrade, Dzhokhar.”

Silence took over the room, nobody could say anything over the words that came from Lyra. Halriel Left the room with quick, angry steps. Then Hiero, with slow paced steps which indicated he was still in despair from his best friend’s death. Thora ran afterwards, to catch up with Halriel. Matilda and Theodor remained in the room.

“Why did you tell everyone?” Theodor asked with a soft voice.

“There was no reason to keep it as a secret anymore, I guess we are all freaks.” She replied with the same tone Theodor used.

A smile appeared in Theodor’s face. Freaks huh?

”What are you smiling about?”

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

“Anyways… Do you need help getting up?”

“No, no I’m fine.” He said as he sat on the side of the bed. He forced his arms and stood up.

“I guess the regeneration ability isn’t that bad.” Theodor said with a smirk, as he took off the bandages in his stomach.

“Well, a human wouldn’t be able to stand for a few years with those injuries of yours.”

Theodor put on his light armour. “Alright, let’s bid our farewells to those who had fallen along with our comrade.” The smirk on his face disappeared as he said these words. But he still kept a straight face not to show his agony to the girl in front of him.

“Yeah.” She replied.

—————————————————————————————————————————————–And that sums up chapter 3! Sorry for being later than usual, thank you all for reading…

Volume 1 Chapter 3 (part 1/2)

CHAPTER 3: Elvish Hospitality


The group continued rowing, until, eventually reaching the shore. Getting out of the canoe, one by one, they stepped on to the land. It was the most beautiful scenery they had ever seen. Cherry coloured trees blossoming, deer wandering aimlessly and the birds humming. On the group’s right was The Eastern Kingdom, but it was very far away. The walls were covering the city, the castle, in the middle of the city was so tall that it was visible even outside the walls. After they took in the beautiful scenery and saved it in their minds, they continued their long journey, on their way to defeat yet another servant. Even though Nexus, who was a servant of The Devil King, appeared out of the blue. Defeating him gave the group an advantage in their battle that is yet to come, by decreasing the undead armies’ force. Theodor was walking at the front and the rest of the group was following behind him. Suddenly an arrow pierced the ground Theodor was about to step on. Surprised from the sudden attack, Theodor stepped back, extending his right arm to tell the group to halt. Three people with green robes came out of the bushes on the group’s left, all of them aiming their bows towards Theodor. The tree was standing opposite the group. One of them stepped forward, still aiming towards Theodor.

“This is Elvish land, what business thou have here?”

The group stood in silence, their mission was supposed to be a secret so they knew they couldn’t reveal it at any cost. Disturbing the silence, Lyra stepped forward. “Lana’thel?” Shocked by the response, the robed character lowered her bow and hood. Golden, long hair came out of the hood, she had pure white skin and blue eyes. But, unlike Lyra her ears extended through her hair. “How do you know of my name, stranger?” She asked.

“Lana, it is you after all. It’s been too long.” Lyra walked towards her with a smile.

“L-Lyra?” Lana said gasping. They both walked towards each other and hugged.

The two archers behind Lana got confused and lowered their bows. It was obvious they were novices at training. The group was also confused looking at each other to figure out what is happening. After the two stopped hugging Lyra took a step back and raised her left arm towards the group introducing them to Lana.

“Lana, these are my comrades. We are on a secret mission involving The Devil King.” She looked back to the group. “And this is Lana, my sister.”

“Huh?” Halriel was the first to react.

“Didn’t you say you and your family were banished from the kingdom?” Hiero asked.

“Indeed. But, my sister was forced to marry the king.” Lyra replied.

“It was the worst time of my life. I’m thankful he vanished without a trace all of a sudden.” Lana said angrily, clenching her fists. “I understand that you’re on a mission, which cannot be revealed to anyone. I will not inform any authorities of any sort, but I would love to show hospitality to all of you in the kingdom.”

“Well we ain’t in a hurry.” Halriel interrupted.

“I am hungry too.” Dzhokhar said.

Facepalming himself, Theodor agreed to go to The Eastern Kingdom under one circumstance. That they were to leave before dark.

One of the archers leaned towards Lana’s ear asking “Are you sure m’lady?”

Lana answered with a nod and all of them started walking towards the kingdom. Lana and Lyra were chatting in front and the group were all excited, as it was their first time visiting The Elvish Kingdom. But, Theodor and Matilda were not happy. They were worried this was a trap.

After walking for a while they arrived at the gate of the kingdom. The gate slowly opened and they all went inside. It was nothing different than Elexus, where they came from. There were blacksmiths, small shops, tailors and inns. There were a lot of people walking, talking and gesturing in the street opposite them. Some were riding a horse and some were in carriages. Before long the group started walking towards the crowd and blended in. The group was looking all around the place with amaze.

“Don’t attract too much attention.” Theodor said silently.

“I agree, even though you are with me, Elves don’t particularly like humans.” Lana replied.

It was hard not to attract attention with Dzhokhar alongside them, but they reached their destination without any inconvenience. They were standing before the castle. It was a big and beautiful looking castle, surrounded by trees and many exotic plants. They entered the castle and were welcomed by two guards bowing after opening the entrance. They walked through a spacious corridor, until the two archers opened a door. The group went in along with Lana. The door closed after they entered. It was a really big living room with many chairs, shining with bright golden colour. The golden chairs had comfortable looking red pillows. There was a really long white table, filed with many desserts and fruits. It was definitely a luxurious room.

“Please, sit.” Lana said smiling, as she raised her right hand towards the chairs.

“Thank you for your hospitality.” Theodor said as he sat down.

“So your mission is to defeat the remaining servant in Far-East, no?” Lana asked.

Theodor stuttered. “H-how did you know?”

“You are not the only ones who have information about The Devil King. But, you acted first. The other servant left and there is only one guarding the Far-East. We were training to infiltrate the Far-East too, you see.”

“Then why don’t we join forces?” Lyra asked.

“This is a stealth mission, the more people we have, the harder it would be to infiltrate.” Matilda said, joining the conversation.

“I agree. Though, whether we’ll succeed or not. We don’t know.” Theodor said as he leaned forward.

“There are still ways we can help.” Lana said.

“How so?” Hiero asked.

“We could set up archers or-“

Theodor interrupted. “Thank you for the suggestion. But, this is our quest and we should be the ones doing it.”

“There is no way a mere group of six humans and an Elf can beat a servant, you’ll be demolished!”

“And why exactly are you worried, there will be less humans.” Theodor replied as he got up from the chair.

“I don’t care about any of you human filth! I’m worried about Lyra.” She said as she stood up. “Please stay here, where you belong, sister.”

After hearing this Lyra smiled softly and shook her head as if she was saying no. “I do not belong here, I will stay with my comrades. I did not spend much time with most of them, but the time we spent together made me understand that they are all honourable and kind people.”

“Please Lyra, it has been too long. Please stay with me, they took you away from me. I miss my sister.” Tears flowing from her eyes she begged Lyra to stay. But, Lyra had already decided to go and nothing could change her decision.

Theodor heading towards the door. “Thank you for your hospitality.” He said as he opened the door. The group followed him outside the room, Lana was still on her knees, looking at Lyra leave, yet again. The group saw the two archers running towards the room. They shouted. “M’lady, m’lady! There is something you need to see.”

Lana stood up, confused. “What is it?”

One of the archers answered without delay. “We think it is the servant, he is on his way with a huge army to the kingdom as we speak.”

Lana’s eyes opened wide in despair, they weren’t prepared for this.

“As the king is absent, you are to give orders m’lady, please come with us.”

Lana left the room with them, she looked at Theodor in the face as if she wanted their help and wanted them to come with her.

“This might change everything, we need to go with her.” Theodor said, following Lana and the archers from behind. All of them ran through corridors and countless stairs, finally reaching the top of the castle. They all stood there without any reaction or what so ever. A breeze passed, there was still no reaction from anyone, their minds had gone completely blank. Their eyes were emotionless as if their souls departed from their bodies. It was a feeling of powerlessness. Seeing thousands of Demons made from rock making their way to the kingdom. The group’s plan to defeat the servant stealthily was gone. A loud voice disturbed the silence. “Send in the archers, we are not letting them in, at any cost!” It was Lana. Her emotionless eyes lit up. The two ran to order the archers standing on the walls to shoot the enemy. Most of the Elves were rather skilled archers so there were a lot of archers standing above the enemy army. Soon after the whole Elvish army gathered and aimed towards the enemies. A storm of arrows rained down towards the enemy. Watching this with awe, the group had a small beacon of hope lit in their hearts, only to be crushed, when the arrows had no effect on the Demons. The arrows couldn’t even pierce the rock shell the Demons had. The enemy kept marching forwards. From the top of her lungs, Lana shouted “Unleash the mages!”

“We are heading out there too, send in any soldiers who can wield a sword in your army, now!” Theodor said, running down the stairs. Ten Elves walked towards the gate. They looked old, most of them had white, long beards and they all wore the same blue long robe. Those ten were capable of using destructive magic, while most Elves could only use healing and the others couldn’t use any magic at all. The group ran towards the mages as they took the stance for the magic they were going to cast.

“What are they doing?” Halriel asked.

“They are going to cast the infamous Holy Nova blast, it is said to be capable of destroying kingdoms.” One of the archers standing beside them replied.

Five mages raised their right hands and the other five raised their left hands, the mages’ eyes started glowing orange just when orange magical circles appeared before their hands, and then all of the circles joined to make one huge magical circle. “O’ the great lord of fire, cleanse this world with your holy fire and purge the darkness within their souls. Holy Nova blast!” the mages said in Elvish.

As they completed their chant a giant beam of fire appeared from the giant circle, demolishing every one of the Demons in one shot with a loud “Boom” noise. The mages were something to be afraid of. Not even ashes remained from the Demons bodies. It was silent afterwards. No creature moved nor made a sound. Not even the wind dared to blow. The mages didn’t do it for a reward or for fame, they vanished in an instant or rather teleported. Was that what it took to kill a servant, could it be that easy? Theodor knew there was something weird going on, that no one in their right mind would attack a kingdom head on, without any strategies. Getting more nervous by every passing second, Theodor realized he wasn’t the only one nervous there. The silence went on, everyone was looking at the gate. After a few minutes everyone calmed down, they had won or so they thought. The very ground beneath them shook, as if it was an earthquake. The small rocks, the pieces of buildings and other rubble joined together inside the walled city, at the gate. In mere seconds hundreds of Demons were formed. Theodor drew his sword, along with his friends who armed themselves. The kingdom’s security was breached. All of the Elves looked at Theodor and his group fighting with the Demons in despair. The ones who calmed down took a deep breath and dived in to the battle, joining the group. The Demons had rock hard shells, as observed before, even arrows couldn’t pierce them. They were looking like Orcs on the outside. Theodor struck down one of the Demons in one strike that he put all his might in. The Demon broke in to pieces. Theodor went on. The group was handling the situation rather well, especially Dzhokhar who struck down Demons one after another. Thora and Halriel was fighting a Demon together. They didn’t have a sword or an axe to fight with, Thora was fighting using the handle of her daggers where as Halriel used his bow. Matilda also used her daggers’ handle along with her kunai. She easily struck down many Demons with strength to spare. Hiero was managing on his own, helping the Elves fight. But, Lyra was standing in fear beside Lana who drew her sword. She watched her sister fighting fearlessly. “Protect the kingdom!” The Elves were dancing with their swords, doing manoeuvres no mere human could pull off. They were as skilled in swordsmanship as they were in archery. The Demons were slaughtered, only crumbles remained of their bodies. Yet again, they were formed. The tiny pebbles on the ground joined one by one. The Demons made out of rocks animated. Everyone grew tired of fighting, some passed out from exhaustion, leading to their deaths. The swords they were holding became heavier every second, until they couldn’t hold them. In the brink of the Elves’ defeat, the servant finally decided to show his face as he made the Demons disappear in to tiny pebbles and dust.

“My, my. How glorious, seeing a kingdom fall in first person. It’s a rather unique experience.”

Seeing the Demons disappear, Theodor looked around in confusion. With only one glance he knew that the man before him was a servant.

“Where are my manners? I forgot to introduce myself. I am one of the servants of The Devil King, Skearon the Reanimator.”

“Why are you here!?” Theodor shouted.

“Oh, why not? Can a man not conquer a kingdom nowadays?” He asked sarcastically.

Nobody could face the servant in their current state. If he wanted, he could kill everyone there in a strike if he was anything close to Nexus in pure strength. Lana walked towards him, she stared at him menacingly. “Y-You are not Skearon, it can’t be.” She stuttered.

“My dear, did you miss me?” He said smiling wryly.

All of the Elves looked at him with awe, including Lana and Lyra. It was the evil king, or rather a new version of him.

“Did you miss me? I don’t remember being liked that much the last time I was here.” He said, as he furiously cut the throat of an Elf standing beside him with his sword. “I was seen as a crazy person doing crazy experiments.” With the momentum of the strike he split another Elf in two. Everyone was petrified of him, but Theodor moved towards him without a flinch. Skearon gazed at Theodor. “So you are ‘The Theodor’ I am told of. I heard you killed a dear friend of mine, the only man who helped me with my experiments.” He said striking at Theodor angrily. Theodor dodged with his sword, but the force exceeded his expectations and he fell to the ground. Before he could land a fatal blow, Matilda countered it with her dagger. “Oooh! You are strong, but not as strong as me!” He said kicking Matilda in the stomach, sending her flying towards a wall. Theodor got up and struck with his sword, he was using his weaker sword. Skearon blocked with his arm, his arm became as hard as stone, breaking Theodor’s sword. He, then kicked Theodor to the ground. Thousands of Elves were watching in despair. They felt powerless, they were too afraid and tired to strike him. Some went to summon the mages, but their calls were unanswered. The group were taking turns attacking Skearon, one by one they were played with, like toys. None of them stood a chance, but they were giving it their all. The Elves, astonished from the humans who were seen as one of the weakest races trying to fight one of the strongest beings. They felt ashamed. And one by one, clinching the handle of their swords with all their might. They screamed from the top of their lungs. “Die for your kingdom!” It was rather a strange battlecry, but an effective one. The Elves charged towards Skearon, yelling. But, it got silent after a while. The group looked around to see what happened to the screaming Elves, but it was a horrifying scene. All of the Elves, including Lana and Lyra turned into stone. The rest of the group, looking at Lyra and the others in agony, tears rolling from their eyes. They held their weapons tightly and looked at Skearon right in the eyes. They were furious, furious enough to face him at the brink of death.


The fight will continue on, Look forward to it! Let me know your feed backs on the comments below!

Volume 1 Chapter 2 (part 3/3)

Theodor woke up, but the setting wasn’t right. He was in a void, a dark room of some sort, lying still on the ground. He stood up wondering where he was. When a character hiding in the shadows spoke.

“I see you have defeated Nexus. Quite the battle it was, you put up quite a fight, for someone who just discovered their true powers, that is.”

“What do you want?” Theodor asked. He would recognise that voice anywhere, it was in fact The Devil King’s.

“Oh my! Is that how someone treats their daddy?”

“You are not my father and you’ll never be.”

“Hmm, is that so? Then how do you explain the cat fight between you and Nexus? How could you move so fast, be that strong? Can normal people even create and manipulate fire?”

Theodor stood in silence, he had no comeback or even a slight explanation of what was happening to him or rather… Who he really was. But, eager to get answers, he clenched his fists and took a deep breath. Just when he opened his mouth, before he could say a word, The Devil King turned his back to him.

“You have many questions in your head and a lot of responsibility to bear. But, I’m afraid you will have to wait-“

“I won’t wait anymore!” Theodor interrupted, stepping forward. “I’m tired of waiting, I don’t know who I am or why I am here.” But before he could pour all of his heart in to a paragraph, Theodor was paralyzed and fell onto his knees.

“You will get your answers, when and if you can complete this quest.” The Devil King said softly. His aura was different than how it was the first time they met, he was serious.

Theodor was still paralyzed, shivering until he passed out.

It had been hours since Theodor passed out after the battle between him and Nexus. Still asleep, a soft voice was trying to reach him

“Theodor! Theodor!? Wake up!”

He slowly opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was Matilda. Her dark, brown hair, lying on her shoulders, her green eyes staring into his worrily. Theodor smiled softly.

“I could wake up to this view every day.”

“Are you alright? You seemed to be having a nightmare.” She replied, acting like she didn’t hear Theodor’s words.

“Yeah, I’m alright now.” He said as he stood up.

He took all of his belongings in a rush and exited the tent. Seeing everyone sitting around waiting for him.

“It’s time to leave, let’s complete this quest and go back home!” He said smiling.

Everyone cheered seeing him well and fired up. Especially Halriel.

“’Tis time you actually woke up. Welcome back, Theo.” He said with a dorky smile.

“It’s good to be back.” Theodor replied smiling.

Taking a last gaze to the grave they did for Nexus, Theodor continued leading the group towards their destination.


While the group was walking, everyone was chatting about what had happened yesterday. Of course the only two who actually knew what happened, preferred not to tell that Nexus was a servant of The Devil King.

“So yer tellin’ me, that you shot a servant in the heart and killed ‘em?” Dzhokhar asked Halriel.

Pointing towards himself with his thumb, smiling, he replied. “Heh, I’m the best archer there is, after all. Maybe y’all should call me Halriel the Great from now on, eh?”

Dzhokhar burst out laughing. “Hah, good one kiddo.” Patting on Halriel’s shoulder.

“Ha!?” Halriel gasped. “I did kill him!”

“Speaking of…” Theodor interrupted. “I couldn’t thank you, you did save my ass again back there.”

“Heh, see I actually did deliver the last blow! And of course, protecting my lil’ bro, is ma duty!” He said smiling wryly.

“So only six servants are left?” Hiero asked.

“Seems so.” Theodor replied.

“Wasn’t our mission to kill a servant? We… ern, you did just that shouldn’t we be returning?” Thora asked.

Matilda walked closer to Thora. “It is true that we were to kill a servant, but we were supposed to kill the one in Far-East.”

“In other words we’ll kill two birds with one stone.” Hiero replied with a smirk.

“We only killed one of them though, what awaits us will be something entirely different. We will infiltrate the enemy territory. But, there is a chance that the undead armies’ most soldiers are gone due to us killing a servant.”

“If He can kill a servant, then I can kill one too!” Dzhokhar said.

The group walked miles without a single encounter of Orcs, Goblins or other Demons. They chatted all the way to the lake, but what they saw at the lake was no laughing matter. There was a strong, disgusting odour, covering the whole area. The Dwarf merchants they were supposed to meet were all torn to pieces, blood was everywhere. The moment the group stepped into this bizarre scene, the crows feeding on the Dwarves’ corpses flew away, slowly chirping their wings away. The group was terrified and shocked from looking at this setting full of despair. Thora threw up not soon after. While the rest of the group stood, frozen in their place. Theodor stepped forward to investigate. He touched the blood on the ground.

“It’s been at least a week since they were murdered, there is nothing we can do.”

Hiero shook of the fear inside him. “They brought the canoes here, at least. We should hurry and cross the lake, while the current isn’t strong.”

The lake was calm, it was a florescent blue coloured lake. It was so clean that the fish swimming inside could be seen with bare eyes. The men of the group got the canoes ready, carrying the corpses aside, they were ready to cross the lake with the two canoes floating on the river. Lyra prayed before getting in the canoe with Hiero, Dzhokhar and Thora. Theodor, Halriel and Matilda was in the other canoe. The lake they were supposed to cross through was two kilometres long, the lake was really deep, so deep that one could not be able to see the ground even if they tried to swim towards it until they ran out of breath.


Sitting in the canoe, Halriel and Theodor were paddling. Whereas Matilda was deep in her thoughts. Theodor was gazing at her, trying to figure out what was going on her mind.

Halriel noticed Theodor staring at Matilda. “Hey brother.” he said whispering. “Go talk to her. The current is strong towards the direction we’re headed. I can handle the paddlin’.” He whispered with a smirk on his face.

“Yeah, thanks.” Theodor replied coldly, as if he wasn’t feeling well. He walked towards Matilda and sat next to her. Matilda was still gazing away from Theodor, towards the lake.

“Who or rather, what are you?” She said silently.

“I don’t know eith-“. Before Theodor could finish his sentence a giant wave of water knocked them off of the canoe. Halriel, who was still standing on the canoe, shouted their names, running towards the edge they fell. But, he froze in place when he saw the reason the two were knocked off. Suddenly a giant Seaworm emerged from the lake.

“What the!?” He yelled as he fell in the canoe.

“Halriel, shoot it down! You are the only one who can.” Hiero shouted from the other canoe. Theodor came out of the water breathing heavily.

“Where is Matilda!?” Halriel asked him as soon as he came out. Theodor looked around, noticing she didn’t swim upwards with him. Just when Theodor took a deep breath preparing to dive in, the worm attacked the canoe Halriel was in, splitting it into two with its head. Halriel jumped to the water to avoid its attack. No one could fight the worm in its own home nor could they run away from it. Theodor was still thinking where Matilda was in his head and what to do. He dived in deliberately, only to see Matilda swimming towards the worm. Theodor gasped, just as Matilda emerged from the water so fast, it looked like she was flying towards the Seaworm. She stabbed the worm in its stomach with the blade in her gauntlet. She back flipped to avoid any counter attacks and swept her arm swiftly towards the worm and a kunai, linked to her arm with a chain flew towards the worm from her robes, stabbing it just in the middle of its head. She held on tight to the chain and kicked the worm in its throat. It was a surprise attack the worm or even the group didn’t expect. The worm, dizzy from the attack, was stabbed in the throat repeatedly by Matilda until it fell backwards to the lake with Matilda standing on it. Halriel climbed to the other canoe, whereas Theodor swam towards Matilda. Matilda was still stabbing the worm, bubbles coming out from her mouth. She was taking her anger out on the worm, not caring about breathing. Theodor slowly approached her from behind, gently holding her arms to stop her. He managed to cool down Matilda and swam upwards. They were dragged into the canoe by the group.

“That was insane!” Theodor yelled to Matilda, still holding her tight in his arms.

“It was the only choice I had to save all of us.” She replied angrily.

“I hate to agree but she is right.” Thora said with her hands covering her mouth.

How did you do it? What was that? Wow you’re strong! That was really amazing. Those were the thoughts in everyone’s mind then. The group cheered on and applauded Matilda for saving them. Blushing, Matilda explained it was something she could and should’ve done. Trying to get the attention off of her, along with suspicions.


This concludes part 2! Let me know what you all think of it. This part was a bit short, but I didn’t want to mix this with part 3. I’ll continue in two days, stay tuned!

Volume 1 Chapter 2 (part 2/3)

The three walked towards the cliff and the others sat down to take a break.

Five minutes had passed.

“What do you see Hal?” Theodor shouted.

Halriel and the other two were shocked, they were trembling in fear.

“Run!” Halriel shouted as he took out his bow.

The group was surprised and confused, a few seconds later they heard sounds of rocks crushing together. Suddenly, a giant boulder flew towards the cliff blocking the group to get to a higher ground. Everyone took out their weapons.

A giant Golem made out of dirt and rock came out. It was taller than the trees and shorter than the cliff, around fifteen meters.

“We can’t fight that! Let’s run!” Thora shouted.

The group started running towards the cliff, knowing they wouldn’t be able to pass through the boulder.

The Golem extended its hand towards the running group, catching Nexus. Nexus couldn’t be seen from the hand of the Golem.

“Nexus!” Theodor shouted looking at the Golem, while still running.

The Golem threw Nexus to its mouth, chewing on him like a gum. Everyone was terrified, trembling in fear. All hope was lost, they couldn’t battle that thing, they would be eaten alive. Theodor bent before the boulder looking at the rest of the group with him.

“I’ll support you all, put your feet on my hand and jump with all the power you have!” He shouted putting his hands together for them to stand on.

“What about you!?” Matilda asked.

“Don’t think about me, just go!” He replied.

“I’m sorry!” Thora shouted as she jumped over the boulder by the help of Theodor’s hand.

“Hal, stall it until everyone passes through!” Theodor shouted.

Halriel, shivering in fear was awoken by Theodor. Even though he was scared, he was doing his best for the group. Halriel took a deep breath and shouted “You got it!” He took his bow and started shooting the Golem.

“We don’t have much time, just go!” Theodor shouted.

Lyra stepped forward and Theodor helped her to pass through the boulder.

“Please Matilda.”

“Promise you’ll come back.” She said.

Theodor nodded and helped her to pass. At the top of the boulder Matilda extended her hand towards Theodor.

“Take my hand.”

Theodor smiled, but when Theodor’s fingers touched Matilda’s fingers the Golem hit the boulder, causing Theodor to roll down the cliff and Matilda to fall to the ground.

“Theo!” Halriel shouted.

“We need to do something.” Hiero said.

“We should run, that’s what he wanted.” Thora said in a panic.

The Golem raised its leg slowly, preparing to step on Theodor. Halriel quickly knotted a rope to an arrow and his body, then aimed towards the Golem’s face.

“What are ye doing, ye lost ya damn mind!?” Dzhokhar shouted to Halriel.

“Yes.” He replied as he shot the arrow. He jumped when the arrow stuck to the Golem’s head. It was surprised and fell down backwards, creating so much force. It sent Theodor and Halriel flying.

“It’s down?” Hiero said with a shock.

“That’s right! Dirt Golems are the weakest of their kin and their eyes are their weakness.” Matilda said.

“Theodor, stab his eyes!” Lyra shouted.

“Roger!” Theodor yelled as he stood up. He was fired up and charged towards the Golem lying down with all his might. Halriel was running along him.

“Let’s kill this fucker!” He shouted as he slid towards the Golems head, quickly getting on his knees and putting his hands together, just like Theodor did to help the others. Theodor jumped to the Golem’s head with the help of Halriel and quickly stabbed its left eye. Shouting in pain the Golem flicked off Theodor, sending him flying to the ground. The Golem got up and shouted.

“Not good.” Halriel said with fear and started running.

“Shoot his right eye Halriel!” Lyra shouted.

Halriel stopped running, clenching his bow, he faced the Golem. Took out an arrow from his quiver and aimed at its eye. But the Golem threw a rock towards him as an act of defence. Halriel was shocked and couldn’t move his body. Just as the rock was going to hit him, Dzhokhar jumped towards him. They both fell to the ground, barely dodging death. The Golem started to walk towards the two on the ground when Hiero threw a pebble to its head. The Golem, overflowing with anger, turned around, roared and started running towards him. Hiero smiled taking out the spear he hid behind him and throwing it to the Golem’s eye. The Golem slowed down to a halt, falling to its knees, then over to the ground. The group had defeated a Golem, they cheered, except for Theodor who stood up with a gloomy face. He stabbed the ground with his sword.

“We lost him again. But, we can’t save him this time.” He said, full of sorrow.

Halriel approached him and put his hand on Theodor.

“There’s nothing we can do this time.”

“Let’s move, it’s getting darker and we can’t afford to lose any more time.” Hiero said.

Theodor took out his sword from the ground and sheathed it. Continuing to move towards their destination.


The group had walked for hours in the dark, in silence. Everyone was tired, but they didn’t want to ask Theodor to stop for a break. He was furious at himself, that he couldn’t save his comrade, he couldn’t keep his promise. After gathering enough courage Halriel stepped up to Theodor, to tell him the group was tired. But, just when he was about to Theodor spoke up. “We are being followed, we can’t rest now.”

“Since when!?” Hiero asked.

“Don’t lose your cool, they don’t know that we are aware of them.”

“They are Hell-hounds, they can sense fear. This is why he didn’t tell anyone.” Matilda said.

“It’s too late, get ready!” Theodor shouted as he took out his sword.

Everyone drew out their weapons, but the first attack was from the hounds. One of them jumped on Halriel, biting his arm. “Ungh!” He let out a sound, as blood gushed out from his arm, Hiero quickly reacted, stabbing the hound. Another one tried to jump on Lyra, failing to do so, when Lyra hit it with her staff.

“They are cleverer than they look, they tried to take out the archer and medic first. Be on guard.” Theodor said.

The hounds were hiding in the shadows, attacking quickly and silently, then returning back to the shadows. They were bigger than normal hounds, had sharper fangs and claws. They were reincarnated, already dead. Not knowing where the hounds were going to appear next, the group was on guard and nervous. The next hound jumped from a tree, aiming for Thora. But, Matilda slit its throat before it could even react. Another one jumped, only to be beheaded by Matilda. Matilda was on a spree, it was obvious she was furious. The hounds sensed that and jumped on her, all at once. There were ten of them. Matilda was so fast it was as if, time has stopped for her, she had inhuman reflexes. Theodor rushed in to help her, not that it looked like she needed any. After beheading the hounds, which was the only way to kill the Undead. After the hounds were killed, more Orcs appeared, it was them, who released the hounds. Their bloodlust could be sensed by anyone, they were here to avenge the other Orcs that had fallen by the groups’ hands.

“Prepare to die, humans!” One of the Orcs shouted, it was obvious, he was their leader. He was wearing heavy armour and had a big double handed axe. The other Orcs were wearing light armour and they were ready to die fighting.

“An eye for an eye! We shall not be defeated before we avenge our brothers that have fallen! Go fellow Orcs, let us bathe in their blood tonight!” The Orc leader shouted. But, before the Orcs charged Theodor and Matilda ran head first towards them. Their blood thirst were stronger. They ferociously slayed the Orcs one by one. Theodor was equipped with The Demonslayer. The sword shined bright red under the moonlight. Just like the legends said the sword and its owner got stronger by every bit of Demon blood. The Orcs as well as the rest of the group were shocked. The two were cutting down the Orcs, limb by limb, not showing any mercy. It looked like their inner Demons showed up and took over their bodies. Before the rest of the group could even react the Orcs were slayed one after another except their leader, who shivered in fear. He dropped his weapon and fell onto his knees.

“This can’t be, they are not humans.”

“Are those your last words?” Theodor asked standing in front of the Orc.

The Orc looked up to Theodor’s face in agony. But, before he could even say another word, Theodor cut his head clean off his throat. His head was thrown to the air and blood erupted from his throat. The sword burned the remaining Orc blood on itself and he sheathed it. Then, Theodor and Matilda, covered in Orc blood walked slowly back to their group.

“Let’s go a bit further, then we’ll camp when we find a safer place.” He said as he continued to walk.

“Remind me not to make those two mad.” Halriel said to Hiero.

“Yeah, I have never seen him like that before.” Hiero replied.

“It would be great if we could find a lake to bathe in, I stink.” Thora said to Lyra.

“Indeed, it would be nice.”

“I agree.” Matilda said looking at Theodor.

“Yes there might be one close by, let’s see if we can find one. We should camp soon too.”

After half an hour of walking, when the sun rose, Thora shouted with happiness.

“Finally! A lake!”

“Alright. Me, Hiero, Halriel and Dzhokhar will set up the camp a bit further from the lake. You can use it while we are setting up the camp.”

“No peeking, alright?” Thora said kicking Halriel softly on his leg.

“Ouch, fine! Not like I was going to.” He said and joined with the others to set up the camp.

“Hey, Theodor are you alright? We can take over if you want to rest a bit.” Hiero said.

“No, I’m fine.”

Halriel pointed Dzhokhar to come towards him, while Theodor and Hiero were setting up.

“Hey big guy, ye want to see somethin’ good?”

“Huh? Like what?”

“Do ya have no imagination? The girls of course! They are naked from their toes to their heads.”

“I don’t think ya should continue talking.” Dzhokhar interrupted.

“No, no, please continue.” Thora said, approaching Halriel from behind.

“Oh! I-I was just joking!” He said laughing nervously as he turned around.

When he turned around he saw Thora, who was wearing a small dress. Her hair was still wet.

“Look, these few days weren’t good. Especially today and no one is in the mood for silly jokes. Please refrain yourself from doing something idiotic.” Thora said, as she went towards the tents.

“Guess the sightseeing ended before it even started, eh?” Dzhokhar said.

“Yeah.” Halriel replied with a sigh.

Soon after the other girls came out and went to their tents.

“Let’s go, it’s our turn in the lake.” Hiero said.

“You guys go, I have something to do before.” Theodor replied.

“Alright, we’re off to the lake then.” Halriel said.

Theodor left the camp site and headed towards an area with more trees.

“Off to collect wood to make a grave?” Matilda asked, jumping down from a tree branch.

“Yeah, that’s the least I can do.” He replied.

“I’ll come with you. I didn’t know him any more than you, but nobody deserves to die like that.”


The two strolled forward talking.

“So what’s your story?” Matilda asked.

“Do I have to tell?”

“We don’t have anything else to talk about do we? Plus you wanted to bond with the team right?”

“Fine.” He sighed. ”I don’t know much about my past. Except that, me and Halriel were born in Elexus and left in front of an orphanage when we were kids, we have no memory of our parents. We were told that our parents went to fight The Devil King, we aren’t sure if it’s the truth or not. We grew up in the orphanage, our time was spent competing with each other most of the time, Halriel was, and still is a really competitive guy. And, Chief came in a lot to see us. He helped us study and train to enter the academy. Now, here we are fighting in a war we don’t know if we can win.”

“So you and Halriel are brothers?”

“Yeah. What about you? What’s your story?” Theodor asked as he picked up another branch from the ground.

“I doubt you would believe me if I were to tell you the truth.” She said smiling.

“That you are a Demi-human?”

She dropped the branches on her hands.

“Was it that obvious?” She asked, picking up the branches she dropped.

“So you really are, huh?”

“Hmpf, I didn’t think I would fall for something like that. Guess I have been hanging out with humans more than I should have.”

“I have never seen someone fight like you before.” He said, trying to break a branch off a tree.

“You weren’t so different either back there, you fought like a Demon.”

“We have enough, let’s return.” He said, ignoring what she said.

“Are you one?” She replied.

“I trained really hard and I despise those who do evil, what I did was just bringing justice to this world that is engulfed in darkness.”

Matilda didn’t reply and they returned back to the camp site in silence.

“Guess the boys are still in the lake.” Matilda said.

“Going to peek?” Theodor replied.

“You’re back to yourself again?” Matilda asked, smiling wryly.

Theodor laughed.

“So what about you? I told you my story.”

“Me and my parents immigrated from The Southern Kingdom, I don’t remember much about the village we used to live in. Except for that terrible night. We, the Demi-humans are despised by the other races as you know. One night, a group of Elves, led by the Elf King Lyra told about, attacked our village. They were a lot in numbers and we couldn’t do a thing. They burned the village to a crisp, killed the men and kidnapped the women and children. To avoid war, The Southern Kingdom didn’t do anything, not that they could do, anyways. We were the smallest village there was after all. There were a few survivors who either continued to live in The Southern Kingdom, in different villages and like us who immigrated to the capital. Not long after we arrived, my family, along with my sister were killed in front of me by a group of men.” She continued with tears in her eyes. “They raped my mother and my sister in front of my eyes, we couldn’t fight back. Just as they were about to kill me a man saved me. That man was Chief Kuro. He took me with him to the academy and trained me, knowing I was a Demi-human. I hated humans for what they had done along with Elves, but after Chief saved me I realized there were good and bad people amongst every race. The first man I talked to was you when we bumped to each other at the ceremony morning.”

“So that was the reason why you acted cold, huh?” He asked.

“Yeah, sorry about that.”

“No worries.” He replied smiling, as he placed the last branch in his hand, completing the grave.

“Well, it is finished.” She said.

“Yeah, time sure passes fast when you talk with someone.”

She nodded smiling.

“I never thought I would fight side by side with a Demi-human, one day.”

“I’m surprised you didn’t kill me the second you noticed I wasn’t human.”

“Well, technically you are half human.” He replied smiling.

“Yeah.” She said laughing.

“We better get some sleep, we will walk all day again and who knows what we’ll face tomorrow.” He said.

“You are right, we need to be on guard. Anything can happen anytime.”

The two went towards the camp site, only to see everyone in their tents, sleeping.

They went into their tents and slept.


Matilda was right, anything could have happened anytime. Theodor woke up to the screams of Matilda and Lyra. He got up as quickly as he could. “What happened!?”

“She’s not opening her eyes, one of the hounds bit her, their fangs are full of poison!” Matilda yelled.

“The hounds? Oh no.” He said, as his eyeballs widened, full of shock. He ran towards Halriel’s tent. He was lying on the ground with Dzhokhar and Hiero beside him, trying to get him to wake up.

“No, no, no, no!”

He didn’t know what to do. He rushed to Halriel’s side.

“Wake up brother!”

“We need to find a cure.” Hiero replied.

“A cure? Yes, a cure! Of course.” He said, he got up and rushed to Lyra.

“Lyra, do you know how we can cure them?”

“I’m sorry. I tried using spells to cure the poison. But it didn’t work. This isn’t from the Hell-hounds.” She replied.

“Then what is it!?” He yelled, circling around, trying to figure out what he should do. When, he noticed a piece of paper stabbed to the ground with a dagger. He quickly ran to read the note. He took out the dagger and read the note. “I have the cure, you have five hours, follow the track. Come alone, or say goodbye to your dear friends.”

“What is that?” Matilda asked.

“Our last hope.” Theodor replied.

“Isn’t that the dagger given to Nexus by Blaive, back in the academy?” Hiero asked.

“I don’t know, but I’m about to find out what this fuss is about and someone is going to pay.” He said running towards the path in front of him.

“Do not follow me, I was asked to come alone. Take care of the sick!” He shouted as he ran.

After running for a few minutes straight, he heard a familiar voice.

“That’s enough.”

Theodor looked behind him with shock.

A short figure, appeared behind him. Pushing his glasses forwards with his middle finger and smiling wryly.

“N-Nexus!? How!?”

“Did you really think a mere Golem could defeat me!? Pathetic!” He giggled.

“I saw you get eaten.”

“It was just a part of my plan. Brother.” He said, giggling.

He threw his glasses away.

“It was about time for me to ditch this pathetic human form.” He said, as he transformed into a Demon. Two stripped, sharp horns came out of his head. He grew taller and two wings emerged from his back. His skin completely changed colour and his hair grew longer as well as his nails. His teeth turned into fangs. His body became so muscular that his armour burst into pieces. His stomach was white and the rest of his body was dark purple. The veins in his body was visible, carrying a green liquid.

“How do you like my real form, brother?” He asked.

Theodor shocked, but when he heard him talk, he drew his sword.

“You were the one who poisoned me back in the academy and now, you, you poisoned them.”

“Huh? What are you talking about?” He asked with a smirk on his face.

“Where is the cure?”

“I am the cure! The Eternal Servant of The Devil King, Nexus, The Druid King! Kill me and the poison in your friends’ body will vanish.”

“Then prepare to die.” Theodor replied, swinging his sword around his hand.

“Prepare to die? How menacing.” He said laughing.

Nexus flew past Theodor, he could neither react nor see him. Theodor’s armour was destroyed with a single attack.

“Hmpf! I thought you were supposed to be the strongest brother.”

“I am not one of you!” He shouted.

“Then how will you explain your incredible regenerative abilities? Or how you could defeat the Orcs with ease, when you thought I was dead? Your eyes glowing red, full of anger and a lust for blood? You are our strongest brother, the wielder of The Dark-flames, surrounded by the pain and agony you have suffered.”

“I am not a filthy Demon!” He shouted charging towards Nexus. Only to get kicked in the face, falling to the ground.

“I guess this won’t do, I need to find another way to awaken your powers.” He said as he raised his hand towards a tree, shooting his nails. Matilda jumped from the tree with a surprised look, dodging his attack.

“How did you notice me!?”

“This is my forest! I can sense everything in it! You can neither run nor hide from me!”

Matilda threw knives to Nexus, before landing to the ground. Nexus erected trees from the ground, blocking all of the knives.

“It is too late now.” He said as he captured Matilda with branches erected from the ground, holding her arms, legs and stomach. Slowly covering all of her body but her face. He walked slowly towards Matilda, his nails grew longer by every step. He was laughing, but when he was in point-blank range, Theodor stabbed him from the behind. He spat blood.


“Strong my ass, one attack and you are dead.” He said as he took out his sword from Nexus’ body.

“Oh! Spare me the clichés.” He said as the hole in his body disappeared. He captured Theodor just like Matilda, covering his whole body with branches erected from the ground.

“I will awaken your powers and kill you, stealing your powers. Once I do that I will defeat father and take over Tiliora myself!” He said as a hole appeared from the branches, covering Matilda’s stomach. Nexus raised his right hand to his face, his nails turned green.

“Let’s see if this’ll work.” He said as he stabbed Matilda. She screamed in agony, trying to resist by wiggling in the branches.

“Matilda!” Theodor screamed.

“Ah! The screams of agony. It is music for my ears.” He said as he took out his nails from her body. He approached to Theodor.

“This lovely lady has an hour left, before her body experiences immense pain, and her organs slowly melt. Hmm, I can’t wait!” He said looking at Theodor, with his shiny bright red eyes.

“I will kill you with my own two hands!” Theodor shouted.

“You can try.” Nexus said kicking him so hard, breaking the branches covering his body and sending him flying to a tree.

“Theodor!” Matilda yelled.

“Quiet, insect!” Nexus said, smirking as he tightened the branches covering her, while Matilda continued screaming in pain.

“Enough!” Theodor yelled as he got up. His eyes started glowing red, but unlike the other times it was darker, slowly turning into dark purple. He took out The Demonslayer, which shone the same colour as his eyes. His grip was so tight his veins were visible. His body felt lighter yet stronger. He pressed his feet to the ground so hard, unleashing a force behind him so powerful, it crushed the ground beneath him and tore down the tree behind him as he dashed forwards towards Nexus. He swung his sword vertically towards Nexus, he barely managed to stop the attack with his nails from both his hands. He was pushed backwards, his nails broke and the force made his arms loosen. With the momentum of his attack, Theodor flipped mid-air and kicked him in the chest, throwing him to the air. Nexus fell to the ground but quickly got up.

“Such power! Imagining myself using it is already making me so excited, I can’t stand it! Arise my soldiers and kill him!” He said raising both of his arms.

Hell-hounds and dead Orcs emerged from the very ground beneath Theodor.

Theodor spun his sword in his hand, taunting Nexus as he waited the Undead to arise. He charged towards the first Orc to arise, cutting his head clean off, dying the ground red. He looked like he was literally dancing with his sword, slaying the Undead, one by one. He annihilated Nexus’ Undead army in the blink of an eye. Nexus was in awe.

“Just as expected from the almighty Theodor.” He said applauding him. “But, it isn’t enough to defeat me!” He continued, throwing his nails towards Theodor. Theodor raised his left hand towards the nails, suddenly his hand burst into flames, burning the nails into a crisp.

“Is this it!?” He yelled, as he dashed yet again, cutting off Nexus’ right hand that he used to dodge his attack with.

“Impossible! Such speed, it is on par with the eldest!” He said as he fell on to the ground. Theodor stepped on his stomach, penetrating through. Then, bursting his leg in to flames inside Nexus’ body. He shouted in pain, until Theodor shut him up by cutting his head clean off with Demonslayer, which was on fire. Nexus’ body turned in to ashes.

“Heh. You fool, that was just a mere clone.” Nexus said standing on top of a branch extending from a giant tree.

“You fared well against one of my clones, let’s see what you’ll do against five!”

Five clones appeared surrounding Theodor. They all had whips made from plants. One by one they wrapped their whips around Theodor’s body. His arms and legs were covered, immobilizing him. The fifth clone approached Theodor and started whipping his face, as marks appeared and blood dripped from his face. Theodor didn’t even flinch, but every attack made him even angrier. He melted the whips on his body and started moving towards the fifth clone. The clones threw poison darts at him, but a circle of fire appeared surrounding Theodor, burning all of the projectiles thrown at him. Theodor wasn’t himself anymore, his eyes constantly got darker and he got more powerful every passing second. He appeared behind the fifth clone in a flash and before the clone could react his head was gliding in air, turning his body into ashes. He attacked another clone, cutting him down in mere seconds. He was merciless and ferocious. He had slayed all of the clones and looked up to the real Nexus.

“Enough playing around, it’s time to end this.” Theodor said.

“How dare you!” Nexus yelled, leaping from the branch. An armour made out of tree bark surrounded his body and a spear appeared in his right hand. The two clashed, creating an enormous amount of force that even tore down trees. Nexus went all out, swinging his spear towards Theodor from each direction, Theodor evaded each and every one of them with ease. Suddenly branches covered Theodor’s body, except for the chest area. The branches were really thick, giving Nexus a second or two to actually kill Theodor. Just as Nexus’ spear touched Theodor’s chest. A single arrow pierced Nexus’ heart.

“Halriel!?” Theodor shouted. His eyes slowly returned to their normal colour.

“The hell!?” Nexus shouted, as his body started vanishing.

“But, I’ll take him with me!” He shouted, only to be kicked in the face by Matilda.

“My hunger will never end, not even in the afterlife!” He mumbled on the ground.

The branches covering Theodor vanished, Theodor fell to the ground next to Nexus. Only Nexus’ chest and head was visible, the rest had vanished. Hiero came running.

“Halriel your body just healed you shouldn’t be running.”

He stopped running when he saw Theodor and Matilda lying on the ground.

“What happened are they alright!?”

“I don’t know, but I just shot a Demon in the heart.”

“We should carry them back to the camp site.” Hiero replied, ignoring what Halriel said.

They took the two lying on the ground and walked back to the camp site.

“How did you even woke up? Thora is still not awake.”

“I felt Theodor in danger and I was suddenly on my feet, up and well.”

“Well, I guess we’ll never know.”

The two went back to the campsite, Thora was awake, lying on the ground.

“Lyra could you take a look at these two?” Hiero asked.

“I don’t need to, I can already sense their heartbeats. They’ll wake up in a few hours.”


Hey guys! This is one of my favorite arcs in the novel, let me know what you all think in the comments and see you on the next part!

VOLUME 1 CHAPTER 2 (part 1/3)

CHAPTER 2: The Druid King’s Forest


After a long trip, the group reached their destination. The tremendous Forest of The Druid King. The group was nervous, but they gathered the courage to step out of the carriage and enter the forest.

“Is everyone ready?” Theodor asked.

They entered as everyone nodded their head a single time.

Theodor was also handed an ancient map of the forest, it was drawn at the time when it was safe to enter the forest before a man that had inhabited the forest turned into a Druid by unknown powers and ruled over the beasts in the forest. As time passed on, the forest had also became a shelter for demons too.

“Alright according to the map we should travel towards Northeast for fifty kilometres.” Theodor said as he walked forward.

The team followed him inside.

The forest had really big trees which even prevented light entering making it really hard to see once you’re deep in the forest. The team had walked ten kilometres before they had realized.

“It ain’t that bad.” Halriel said, disturbing the silence.

“I think we should rest a bit here, this might be the last time we can lower our guards.” Hiero said looking at Theodor.

“I agree, we’ll stop here.” Theodor replied.

“No, something is coming. Be on guard!” Matilda warned everyone as she took out her dagger.

The team took out their weapons and formed a battle position. They formed a small circle where Theodor, Dzhokhar, Hiero, Matilda and Thora stood protecting Lyra, Halriel and Nexus.

“They are approaching!” Hiero shouted.

Suddenly Goblins appeared from every direction, surrounding the group.

The Goblins were green from bottom to top. They were short and ugly. They are sub-demons, in other words, they were Orcs that couldn’t mutate properly. They were armed with cheap, weak swords and daggers.

“They are only strong in vast numbers, but be careful they’re fast.” Theodor said.

The first attack was from Halriel, he took out the closest Goblin, shooting it from its head. “That’s one, oi! Theo! We competin’ or what?”

“You’re on!” Theodor shouted, arming himself. The goblins charged towards the group, whilst the group stood their ground. Thora punched one, sending it flying to a tree. It hit its head so hard, it cracked open.

“Gross.” Thora mumbled.

Matilda took out two Goblins in one swing of her dagger. Both of the Goblins throat was slit open.

“I’m going for sneak attacks from behind, keep your ground until I’m behind them.” Matilda said as she dived in to the bushes near the group.

Two Goblins rushed towards Theodor. He was holding the weaker sword handed to him, and he took out a dagger from his back pocket with his left hand. He rolled towards the rushing Goblins. It was an attack the Goblins didn’t expect, the second they turned towards Theodor, they were both stabbed.

Hiero pierced one of them in the heart with his spear and Dzhokhar smashed a Goblins head in. The group were fighting them off with ease, especially Halriel who shot down Goblin after Goblin. Theodor sliced the last Goblins head off of its body.

“Anotha win for me!” Halriel shouted.

“Yeah, yeah. This was the last one, where is Matilda?” He asked.

Matilda was thrown towards him just when he completed his sentence.

He caught her mid-air, but she was unconscious.


Someone came up from the direction she was thrown.

“That gal was something, killing ten of us in mere seconds.” He said, as he spat blood. He was an Orc and seventeen more came behind him. They were greyish. Tall and ugly. They looked much stronger and were armed with stronger weapons like; axes, spears, bows and hammers.

“Orcs!” Hiero shouted.

Theodor put Matilda on the ground gently.

“Prepare to die! Lyra aid Matilda while we fight them.” Theodor said rushing towards the Orcs.

“That’s my line.” The Orc said as he charged towards Theodor.

Halriel shot one of the archers in the shoulder. But, the Orc grunted and broke the arrow while a part of it was in its body.

“Shit! They’re strong, don’t let yer guard down.” Halriel shouted.

The Orc running towards Theodor, held a one-handed spiked hammer. Whereas, Theodor was still using the weaker sword. Their weapons crashed, producing sparks.

“I’ll enjoy killing all of you.” The Orc said, kicking Theodor down.

“Theo!” Halriel shouted. He aimed towards the Orc that was going to finish off Theodor, lying on the ground. The Orc held his hammer with both hands and raised it. Halriel let loose the arrow, he loaded to his bow. He could see it travelling towards the Orc that was just about to kill Theodor, it was as if time had slowed down. The Orc got shot down and fell to the ground.

“Thanks Hal. You saved my ass.” He said looking towards Halriel.

“Like always. “ Halriel was about to say, but was shot before he could even complete his sentence. He looked towards the arrow that pierced through his lung, falling to the ground. Theodor shouted, getting up. The archer aimed towards Theodor who was running towards him. Just as he was going to shoot him down Hiero took out the spear that pierced through an Orc, lying down on the ground and threw his spear to the archer, killing him. Dzhokhar was grouped. He was covered in Orc blood, he killed off five of them, angering the other Orcs.

“Don’t let your guard down Theodor!” Hiero shouted running towards Dzhokhar to help him.

Theodor switched the sword to his left hand and unsheathed The Demonslayer with his right hand. His eyes glowed red and so did his sword. The Orc, he was fighting with got up from the ground.

“What the!?” He shouted looking at Theodor with awe.

Theodor swung his sword towards him, it didn’t even touch him. The Orc laughed and stepped forward, but just as he did, his upper-body fell off to the ground. Blood flowing from both his upper and lower bodies, it was a clean slice. Theodor saw Matilda on the ground, with Lyra aiding her, as three Orcs moved towards them. He ran towards the Orcs so fast, it looked like he teleported. The Orcs stepped back, but their throats were sliced in an instant. Thora passed out from fear near the two Orcs she killed. He looked at Dzhokhar and Hiero, they were two against one and managed to kill the last orc. Lyra had just finished aiding Matilda. She looked around and noticed that the group managed to kill off the Orcs. But, she felt a dark aura, strength and magic overflowing from a source. It was Theodor who could barely stand. The strange aura dispersed as Theodor collapsed to the ground. She started running towards him.

“No! Aid Halriel first!” Hiero shouted.

Lyra looked around to see Halriel and what condition he was in. When she spotted him the bag she was holding fell off. Halriel was shot and bleeding, he was lying on the ground not moving. She rushed towards him.

“What’s his condition?” Hiero asked, holding his bleeding arm while moving towards her.

“There’s nothing a normal medic can do to help him.” She replied.

Dzhokhar ran towards her “There must be somethin’ ye can do right!?”

“Yes, there is.” She said looking at the ground nervously. Matilda slowly walked towards Thora, lying on the ground.

“Then do it!” Hiero shouted.

“Yes.” Lyra replied. She lowered her hood, her silver hair shined along with the sunset. Her blue eyes turned in to a golden colour and started glowing. Everyone around her was surprised.

“Step back.” She said calmly, they all did as she said. A golden coloured magic circle was formed around her. She was chanting a spell in Elvish language, her hands and the ground beneath Halriel started to glow blue and she created another magical circle around Halriel. It was glowing blue like her hands. A smaller circle appeared on Halriel’s injury as she kept chanting the spell.

“Hiero, pull out the arrow on his body.” She said continuing the chant. Hiero approached Halriel slowly and took out the arrow with caution. The hole that was caused by the arrow slowly disappeared, healing him completely. He woke up and started breathing intensively.

“What happened!?” He asked.

“Lyra, who is an Elf apparently, saved you with magic.” Matilda said as she approached them slowly, carrying Thora on her shoulder.

“Huh?” He replied.

“It’s true.” Hiero replied with a shocked face.

“Where is Theo, is he alright!?” Halriel asked.

“You really care about him, don’t you? Well he is there, lying down.” Matilda replied as she pointed her finger towards Theodor.

“Please help him too.” Halriel said to Lyra before passing out.

“He passed out again?” Thora asked.

“You are awake?” Matilda replied.

“Yeah, I’m alright. You guys should go aid Theo.”

“He is only tired, I looked at him before I aided Halriel. He will wake up in an hour or so.” Lyra said.

“What about the fact that you’re an Elf, huh!? Are you a spy, an enemy perhaps?” Hiero yelled at Lyra.

“If she was, she wouldn’t help out Halriel or Theodor in the first place.” Matilda replied.

“That’s true, we would be one soldier less if it wasn’t for her.” Thora said.

“I shall explain, but we need to set up camp first. I will patch all of you up.”

“Alright. But, I’ll keep my eyes on you.” Hiero replied.

They set up tents and gathered wood to make a fire. Lyra cared for the injured and Theodor woke up. It seemed nobody saw him fighting.

“You being an Elf doesn’t change anything, but I think everyone will feel better if you tell us why you are here Lyra.” Theodor said.

“Speaking of everyone, where is Nexus?” Matilda asked.

“What the!? Don’t tell me he ran away like a coward.” Halriel said angrily.

“Shit! We need to find him.” Theodor said as he stood up.

“We won’t be able to find him at this time, it is pitch black.” Thora replied.

“Even though I don’t like him much, we can’t risk it.” Halriel said.

“No, Thora is right. We’ll wait for dawn, split up and try to find him.” Theodor said.

They all agreed and sat down near the fire.

“Alright, a promise is a promise. What’s your story Elf?” Hiero asked.

“I am the daughter of Taeral Shinekeep. He was the right hand of The Elf Lord who wasn’t very fond of humans and was always trying to get stronger. Five hundred years ago The Elf Lord, defeated by his will to get stronger, created potions that he thought would make him stronger. He used humans to try his potions on. But, they were all failures that either turned them into Demons, monsters and the survivors who didn’t turn into Demons were eliminated to keep his secret safe. After time passed and none of his potions worked. He changed his mind, he realised didn’t need to be in the battlefield. He could use the Demons he created. He told my father his idea, my father told him he was insane and he should kill the Demons he created, they fought and my father won. But, The Elf King expelled him and his family, along with me from his kingdom, except for my sister, who was forced to be his bride. Thus, we’ve been living in Elexus since then.”

“Your father did the right thing Lyra.” Theodor said.

“He was a man of honour.” Lyra replied.

“Was?” Hiero asked.

“Yes, when The Devil King attacked he joined the army, but he was killed in the battlefield.”

“My condolences, I’m sorry that I doubted you Lyra.” Hiero said.

“Let’s sleep, we will wake up as soon as the sun is up to search for Nexus.” Theodor said as he stood up and walked towards one of the tents. The group slept until dawn. They all got up in order to find Nexus. Once they were all ready Theodor climbed on to a big rock.

“Alright, we are seven people and there are four directions we will check. Lyra and Dzhokhar will go South, Halriel and Matilda, East. Hiero and Thora will go west and I’ll head North.”

“It is dangerous to go alone, you can’t.” Matilda said.

“I’m the group leader, it is my duty to look after you and Nexus was my responsibility. I will go alone.”

“Theo, he ain’t worth it.” Halriel replied.

“Worth has no meaning in this, this is my duty. Now, let’s go.”

“You really shouldn’t.” Thora said stepping forward.

“This is an order, we’ll look for Nexus for an hour. After that, return here. Which makes it two hours total. If someone is late, the rest of the group will go towards their direction.”

“Roger!” The group shouted. They all went to their designated directions. Even though Theodor acted bravely, he was nervous. He knew a group of Orcs or Demons could surround him at any time. He was being cautious, but he was also worried for the rest of the group.


Half an hour had passed since they all split up. No one had attacked Theodor yet. He found a cliff that was nearly impossible to go down. He was looking down from the cliff, when he heard a scream. It sounded like Nexus. Desperately looking at his bag he found a really long rope. If he could use the rope, he might be able to go halfway down and climb the rest. He promised no one would die in the group and he was going to keep his promise. But, there was no place for him to knot the rope. With nothing else to do he stabbed his dagger to the ground in-between two big rocks. The dagger was around fifteen centimetres. It was stabbed so deep, only the handle was visible. He quickly, but carefully knot the rope around the handle and started climbing down as fast as he could. Just at the end of the rope his feet reached the ground or he thought so. It was an entrance to a cave. He thought it would be the best way to reach the ground. He lighted up a torch and ran inside. It was dark and silent. The only thing Theodor could hear was his own footsteps and water drippling. He wandered around trying to find an exit. As he walked, he heard noises of metal objects being dragged. The noises got closer per step. He saw twenty or so Goblins, making weapons and armours. It was an armoury of some sort. He quickly got in to cover behind a crate and looked around to leave without a fight. An Orc appeared and told the Goblins to work faster. He wasn’t the only Orc there most probably, Theodor thought. The odds were against him, if he was seen it would be over before he could even find Nexus. Suddenly, a bell rang. The Orc told the Goblins to leave the cave. Theodor didn’t know why, perhaps it was luck. The Goblins left, but four more Orcs came in.

“Why are we sending in the Goblins to fight? We are better than them.” One of the Orcs said.

“You fool! We only send them to kill the easy ones. Now get to work!” The first Orc replied. All of the Orcs were standing at different places. Four of them were working to make weapons and one of them were standing at the exit, guarding it. There was no way Theodor could leave without being seen. So he decided to take them out silently. One of the Orcs moved towards the box, Theodor stood up, stabbing the Orc from his heart with his sword, then carefully and silently dragging him behind the crate. He ran towards a wall and hid behind it. One of the Orcs heard him, took out his sword and went towards the wall to check what it was, when he moved closer Theodor stabbed him in the heart and dragged him behind the wall. He stuck his head out to look for cover, only to be seen by one of the Orcs.

“Oi! There’s a human behind the wall, Chief!”

The tree Orcs took out their weapons and moved towards Theodor.

“Where are the other two!?” The chief shouted.

“They’re dead.” Theodor replied as he took out his sword.

“And you’ll be next, kill him!” The Orc yelled, pointing his axe towards him.

The two Orcs ran towards Theodor. One of them had a hammer, the other had a sword. The Orc swung his sword towards him vertically, Theodor dodged and tried to stab him. But, the other Orc kicked him. Theodor fell on to the ground.

“Puny human, I will squash you!” The Orc yelled raising his hammer. Theodor swiped his feet off the ground and got up.

The other Orc swung his sword vertically towards his chest, Theodor evaded and stabbed him from his neck. He pulled his sword out, stood up and swung his sword towards the ground, throwing off the blood on his sword. The Orc stood up and rushed towards him, he put both of his hands on the hammer’s handle and raised it, only to get his head sliced right off his neck.

“Too slow.” Theodor said.

“Little useless pieces of shits. I will be the one to claim your head!” The Orc Chief shouted.

“Try me.” He replied.

The Orc charged towards Theodor shouting. He swung his axe, Theodor dodged. The Orc hit Theodor in the head with the handle of his axe just as he dodged.

“Too slow.” The Orc said, laughing.

“Lucky hit.” He replied with a smile.

He ran towards the Orc and swung his sword, he couldn’t hit him, but the Orc didn’t notice the other Orc on the ground and slipped. Theodor jumped as soon as he fell and stabbed him in the heart.

“Alright, I have to hurry.” He said as he ran outside. He ran and ran towards the direction of the scream he heard, until he fell to the ground, breathing intensively.

“Where are you!?” He shouted from the bottom of his lungs. The Sun had already set, he was lost. The tents and camping stuff was in the designated meeting area. He only had his weapons and packed food. It started raining and the only light source was the Moon. It was a summer night so it wasn’t that cold, but very windy. Theodor was really tired. However, there wasn’t much he could do so he slept by a tree.

“Theo!? Theo!” Someone yelled, waking him up. It was morning, the Sun had just rose. Theodor opened his eyes with surprise. It was Halriel and Matilda.

“You’re lucky you weren’t killed while you were sleeping.” Matilda said angrily.

“Come on man, get up.” Halriel said with a sigh. He lifted up Theodor.

“I couldn’t find Nexus.” Theodor said looking at the ground.

“He’s at the camp site, waiting for us.” Matilda replied.


“Yeah, Lyra and Dzhokhar found him. He was just laying traps.” Halriel said smiling.

“I’m sure I heard a scream from around here.” Theodor said.

“It must’ve been your imagination, let’s go I’m hungry.” Matilda replied. They started walking towards the camp site.

“How did you guys find me?” He asked.

“Well, we knew ye were going North, then we saw the rope and followed the path. Ya did kill a lot of Orcs, though there were a few Goblins there, we took ‘em out.”

“You are supposed to be our leader, you know. You should be more careful.” Matilda said.

“Yeah, ye made someone worry a lot, ye know.” Halriel said laughing.

“That’s not true, he was the only one who knew where we were headed.” Matilda said, blushing.

“I’m really glad you guys found me.”

The three went back to the camp site. Everyone was sitting by the fire cooking breakfast.

“Ran into trouble?” Hiero asked looking at them. They were coated by blood, but uninjured.

“Eh, a bit.” Halriel replied smiling.

“I’m touched that you all went to search for me.” Nexus said, coming out from his tent.

“Nexus why did you leave without telling anyone?” Theodor asked.

“I didn’t think someone would notice.”

“What does that mean!?”

“Look, I’m not here to form friendships. I’m here for my mission and that’s all.” He said, before going back to his tent.

“That guy has serious problems.” Halriel said.

The group had breakfast, took all their supplies and left the camp site to continue their quest.

“Don’t leave without telling anyone this time Nexus.” Thora said.

“Yeah.” Dzhokhar joined in.

“Fine.” He replied as he started to walk faster.

The group has been walking in silence for hours, when Theodor disturbed it.

“Alright, starting from here and now. Be on your guard, this is one of the most dangerous places in the forest. There have been sightings of Golems here.”

“Golems? You mean those giant rock monsters, we’ve been taught about!?” Halriel asked, with his eyes wide open.

“Doesn’t have to be made of rock, but yeah.” Theodor replied.


The forest looked less like one as they walked, the number of trees decreased vastly. Not long after, they found themselves in a beach.

“Are you sure we are not lost?” Matilda asked Theodor.

“Yeah, the map also shows less trees in this region. We’ll leave the forest in two or so days, if we go on like this.” He replied.

“Oi, Theo! Me, Hiero and Dzhokhar are gonna climb up that cliff there to see our path better.” Halriel said, pointing towards the cliff.

“Alright, but be careful and report anything you see.” He said.

“Are we taking a break here?” Lyra asked.

“Yeah, we are going to wait for those three to come back. It’ll be like five minutes so use it wisely.” Theodor said, as they all took a break.


That took a lot of “-” to make lmao. Anyways thank you all for reading and see you in the next part!

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