A Deal With The Devil King

A Deal With The Devil King is a fantasy, action and adventure based light novel, with the story taking part in the magical world of Tiliora in medieval times.

Back of the book: The world of Tiliora, mixed with various races of Humans, Demi-humans, Elves and Dwarves living together was brought to an end, when The Devil King arose from his eternal slumber. Turning each race against each other, the races divided themselves into 5 different kingdoms. The Northern Kingdom, The Southern Kingdom, The Western Kingdom, The Eastern Kingdom and The Capital. He then, unleashed his army of Demons, with seven of his sons, all representing a sin of “Gluttony”, “Greed”, “Wrath”, “Lust”, “Pride”, “Sloth” and “Despair”, commanding these armies. He forced four of these kingdoms to retreat, getting closer to The Capital. He divided the territories obtained amongst his sons, also known as his servants. The human race, spying on these lost territories or “Far-land”, have realised that one of the servants was missing. Just when, really skilled soldiers were about to graduate from The Capital’s highest ranked soldier academy.


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